[UPDATE 3] OneDrive and Teams Files currently unavailable resolved, 05/02/2019 06:42PM EDT Office 365 Blink

Notification history

05/02/2019 06:42PM EDT
Blink is once again online. At this point all services appear to be running as expected. If you experience issues, please contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@bowdoin.edu.
05/02/2019 05:39PM EDT
OneDrive and Team Files services along with the rest of the Office 365 toolset appear to be back online. Blink and other services may still be affected.

We are continuing to monitor the situation.
05/02/2019 04:54PM EDT
While the cause of the outages are still unclear, the issues which are causing OneDrive and Teams access problems may be caused by an Internet service provider used by a variety of different corporate vendors including Microsoft. We are continuing to monitor the situation in the hopes of identifying a resolution time.

Other campus services such as Blink have also been identified as being affected.

Additional services used by students, faculty or staff that are not directly offered through the College may also affected including Amazon Prime, some online gaming services, HBO Go and more.

We will post more information as we learn more.
05/02/2019 04:06PM EDT
Service Desk staff have been made aware that OneDrive and Teams files are currently unavailable. An error message may appear when trying to log in that states the servers are busy. The issue has been raised to Microsoft and we are waiting on word for a solution. We will post an update when more information is received.