Hosted Net Community and on-premise RE Experiencing Connection issues resolved, 09/16/2019 10:35AM EDT Alumni and Advancement Servers

Notification history

09/16/2019 10:35AM EDT
Net Community plugin update has been completed. Servers and all but one client are set.
08/28/2019 05:15PM EDT
Problem solved. Vendor had made updates on their hosted site that broke the application. Working through these with the vendor corrected the situation. Client confirmed this.

Will examine again tomorrow to see that the system remains functioning properly.
08/28/2019 12:00PM EDT
Vendor has stated that they are still looking into the issue. No timeline supplied for a resolution.
08/28/2019 11:08AM EDT
Working with vendor. A connection string was changed improperly within the hosted environment.
08/28/2019 10:06AM EDT
Net Community connections experiencing issues.
Net Community plugin is encountering an error.